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Mold Damage Repair in Atlanta

While many people think their homes are the safest and healthiest place for them and their families, some underestimate the toxicity of their interior environments. Indoor air quality is a common concern among many environmentalists, and at the top of their list of indoor pollutants is mold. Testing your Atlanta home for mold cannot only improve the health of your family, but also the structural integrity and value of your home.

Some of the most common types of household mold that most testing techniques look for in Atlanta are Alternaria, Aspergillus, Cladosporium, Penicillium, and Stachybotrys (commonly known as black mold). These mold species, especially black mold, can cause allergy symptoms, breathing problems, airborne mycotoxins, and poor air quality.

If you have the following in your home or are experiencing the following symptoms you should consider mold testing for your Atlanta home:

  • Stale, musty odors
  • Chronic, inexplicable health problems such as headaches, throat irritation, sinus pressure, allergies, etc.
  • Visible mold growth
  • Leaky or damp areas of your home
  • Stale air conditioning
  • Recurring mold colonies after cleaning

If you think you may have a mold problem in your home and are considering mold testing in Atlanta, you have come to the right place. Advanced Cleaning and Restoration has been serving the remediation and clean up needs of the Atlanta area since 2002 and boast more than 20 years of experience removing mold from homes and businesses throughout the area. Our highly trained technicians can test and effectively remove toxic mold colonies, providing our customers with a guaranteed healthier environment. We provide our customers with highly detailed reports that include pictures and a detailed remediation estimate of their mold situation, and also offer HVAC cleaning and mold remediation to keep your home mold-free.

If you would like more information about our mold testing services for customers throughout the Atlanta area contact us today.